Speaking to Influence

This blue-chip public speaking program stands out from the pack by combining time-tested rhetorical strategies and devices with modern communication strategies

Engage Your Audience.  Speak Persuasively.

This blue-chip public speaking program stands out from the pack. It teaches participants the time-tested rhetorical strategies and devices developed by the Ancient Greeks and employed more recently to great effect by expert speakers such as Martin Luther King, Sir Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy.

The program also includes modern communication strategies to enhance your knowledge of the technical aspects of public speaking.

The program is available in either one-day or two-day formats, with learning reinforced by coaching phone calls to participants following workshop completion.

It makes an invaluable addition to your existing leadership development programs.

The Content

In the workshop, leaders and managers discover how to:

  • Use language strategically to create engaging and effective speeches.
  • Connect more deeply with the audience.
  • Sound more confident and convincing.
  • Make your message memorable.
  • Avoid common pitfalls in delivery.
  • Keep your audience listening to what you say.

The Program includes:

  • One day workshop focusing on the communication strategies, devices and structure used by master speakers.
  • One-day workshop focusing on the essential elements of an engaging delivery, followed by a practice session and invaluable feedback from the class.
  • Development manual including examples used in class.
  • Practical tools for planning a speech.
  • One follow-up coaching phone call to each participant.

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What a Sales Executive Found:

"This course is unlike any I’ve ever done. I wish I’d done it thirty years ago. Janet has given me practical tools and the ability to use them to bring my presentations to life."

Sales Executive, International IT Corporation