Facilitating Team Learning

A technically-grounded linguistic program for managers who are responsible for teaching their teams


What communication competency do managers need when responsible for training teams and facilitating learning?

This interactive one-day training program provides managers with the understanding of some key techniques used by master trainers when facilitating team learning.

The Content

The program revolves around small group activities in which managers learn and then use a number of key linguistic concepts to analyse and evaluate the communicative performance of facilitators during audio- or video-recorded facilitator-led leadership training sessions.

In the program, managers:

  • Learn a number of key linguistic concepts embedded in the communication strategies used by facilitators when interacting with learners
  • Use these concepts to analyse experienced facilitators' communicative performance
  • Learn how they can apply these same concepts and analyses to their own facilitation style
  • Understand how they can evaluate their own performance against standard VET performance criteria

The program includes:

  • One-day workshop focusing on managers applying various linguistic concepts to learn from the communicative performance of a range of facilitators
  • Development manual including all frameworks, concepts and materials used in class


What is a Top Priority of Effective Leaders?

Winning leaders are teachers, and winning organizations do encourage and reward teaching.  But there is more to it than that. Winning organizations are explicitly designed to be Teaching Organizations, with business processes, organizational structures and day-to-day operating mechanisms all built to promote teaching."

Noel Tichy (2004) The Cycle of Leadership: How Great Leaders Teach Their Companies to Win