Fresh Insights offers a range of unique development solutions for leaders and managers

who desire to communicate more effectively and to be more effective as a result

Training Programs

Speaking to Develop

Useful for those responsible for grooming leaders, succession planning and developing the leadership pipeline

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Speaking to Influence

Ideal for those wanting to learn how to use language more strategically in presentations and public speaking events

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Facilitating Learning

Responsible for teaching your team? Need to develop the key communication skills used by master trainers?

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Other Types of Learning Interventions


Ineffective communication is a leading cause of workplace problems such as people leaving because of their manager.

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Work with Janet individually to further develop insights and practices acquired during training and consulting

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Learn how practice-based research provides organisations with practical insights for managing intangible problems

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What is the Role of a Leader?

"To depend on human resource managers to do management development is a misunderstanding; it is the job of managers to develop their staff."

Robert Spillane (2011) The Rise of Psychomanagement in Australia